Second instalment of the COP-21 TweetChat organised by CEOS

After the success of last week’s first TweetChat, CEOS, the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites, held the second and final instalment of its COP-21 TweetChats on Thursday 10 December.

This time the focus was on the outcomes and impacts of the discussions ongoing at COP-21 and on how stakeholders see the future of satellite data in climate monitoring.

This TweetChat followed the same format of the first one, with a few minutes dedicated to introductions and later 3 Q/As with interactions from participants.

All participants reaffirmed the importance of the COP-21 negotiations and expressed their thoughts on how it will affect their work with satellite data in the future.

On a general level, implementations decided at COP-21 will need evidence based data, and as NERC-NCEO said, satellite data along with ground-based evidence, will be an essential part of the mix to address future challenges.

Space agencies will provide more and more detailed satellite data with long term weather and climate monitoring programmes commitments until 2040.

Moreover, Copernicus Sentinel missions will give a boost on data collection and this data will be freely available. EUMETSAT is operating 4 Sentinel missions, while ESA is operating 4 and is distributing data through the Sentinel data hub.

Another satellite mission that was mentioned during the chat was Merlin, a CNES-DLR satellite that will be launched in 2020 and will measure greenhouse gases.

Some users also expressed the wish to see more developments in terms of marine data and satellite data to monitor forests. For this purpose, the Global Forest Observations initiative and the Global forests watch were mentioned as instruments that can provide users with useful information.

Finally, some thoughts were directed at how to better enhance observation capacities in developing countries.

See more EUMETSAT products on weather and climate monitoring, ESA climate datasets and also CEOS’s database and EO handbook.

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