WMO is revising the International Cloud Atlas

Following the recent WMO Meteorological Congress that took place in Geneva from 25 May - 12 June, the WMO is taking in a project that intends to revise and update the International Cloud Atlas.

The first International Cloud Atlas was produced in 1896 and has been revised constantly ever since.

Discussions at the Congress highlighted the need to update the imagery in the atlas with higher resolution and better quality images and to revise the atlas in order to add new clouds classifications and more up-to-date information.

As of now, the latest version is on paper and the WMO is aiming at the creation of a web platform.

A task team has been set up to tackle this project and National Meteorological Services and societies all over the world will be invited to submit images and data for inclusion. The task team means to eventually produce a web-based and user frienldy Atlas in 2016.

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