#WorldMetDay theme focuses on climate knowledge

The 2015 World Meteorological Day, on 23 March, focuses on the use of climate information for taking everyday decisions for individuals and communities.

The World Meteorological Organization said  the event "provides an opportunity to take stock of the climate knowledge built in the last decade" as a starting point for actions to address climate change. 

It emphasises the role of national meteorological and hydrological services in explaining climate, but also the international organisations that help to provide reliable climate data. The WMO's own Global Framework for Climate Services is among those working to connect scientific observations, climate modelling, and the people who need the best information about the global climate will do in the future.

The theme was also carried through in a photography competition for the annual WMO calendar and #WorldMetDay promotion - you can see the winning entries on the WMO flickr channel.

The United Nations also released a statement, where the UN Secretary General Ban Ki- moon stressed the importance of climate data in order to better understand and face climate change.