Looking back on the Climate Symposium

Ghassem Asrar and Alain Ratier look back on the achievements of the Climate Symposium in the latest edition of International Innovation.

They both spoke of the importance of studying underlying climate processes as well as concerns about declining in-situ observation networks over some areas where data is needed to increase scientific understanding and decrease uncertainty.

"A major theme 'follow the water in the Earth System' became very popular and the focus of many sessions and side discussions," said Alain Ratier, "I believe the true science impact of the Symposium will be realised through these teaming arrangements and cooperation, especially among the early career scientists for years to come."

"There was considerable debate and discussion on the role that scientists can and should play in the transfer and use of science-based information for decision makers," they said,"There was a general recognition that the scope of these challenges and opportunities transcend individual nations, let alone single organisations, thus international cooperation is key to success."

The programme and recorded presentations from the Climate Symposium are available on the symposium website.